einstein effect

einstein effect

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  • Einstein effect — Due to Einstein s prolific output, the term Einstein effect may refer, to any one of a large number of possible effects, appearing in in different fields of physics. These may include:* Gravitational redshift * Gravitational lensing ,and more… …   Wikipedia

  • einstein shift — noun or einstein effect Usage: usually capitalized 1st E Etymology: after Albert Einstein : a slight displacement of the lines in the spectra of very dense stars from their normal wavelength positions toward the red compare red shift * * *… …   Useful english dictionary

  • EINSTEIN, ALBERT — (1879–1955), physicist, discoverer of the theory of relativity, and Nobel Prize winner. Born in the German town of Ulm, son of the proprietor of a small electrochemical business, Einstein spent his early youth in Munich. He detested the military… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • Einstein synchronisation — (or Einstein Poincaré synchronisation) is a convention in relativity for synchronizing clocks at different places.PoincaréIn the framework of Lorentz ether theory, it was stated by Henri Poincaré in 1900 that 2 observers A and B which are moving… …   Wikipedia

  • Einstein–Cartan theory — in theoretical physics extends general relativity to correctly handle spin angular momentum. As the master theory of classical physics general relativity has one known flaw: it cannot describe spin orbit coupling , i.e., exchange of intrinsic… …   Wikipedia

  • Einstein, Albert — born March 14, 1879, Ulm, Württemberg, Ger. died April 18, 1955, Princeton, N.J., U.S. German Swiss U.S. scientist. Born to a Jewish family in Germany, he grew up in Munich, and his family moved to Switzerland in 1894. He became a junior examiner …   Universalium

  • Einstein-de Haas effect — The Einstein de Haas effect, or the Richardson effect (after Owen Willans Richardson), is a physical phenomenon delineated by Albert Einstein and Wander Johannes de Haas in Germany in the mid 1910 s.DescriptionThe effect corresponds to the… …   Wikipedia

  • Einstein's accomplishments — Light and general relativityIn 1906, the patent office promoted Einstein to Technical Examiner Second Class, but he had not given up on academia. In 1908, he became a privatdozent at the University of Bern. [Citation | last = Pais | first =… …   Wikipedia

  • Einstein , Albert — (1879–1955) German–Swiss–American theoretical physicist Einstein was born at Ulm in Germany where his father was a manufacturer of electrical equipment. Business failure led his father to move the family first to Munich, where Einstein entered… …   Scientists

  • Einstein ring — Gravitational Lensing Formalism Strong lensing …   Wikipedia

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